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1/30/18   8:17 A.M. CDT

The previous three 50 point corrections have produced fast rebounds. This is not happening.

The healthcare disruption announced this A.M. is no small thing!!!

I am going neutral all equity Indices tonight.

The risk spreads do not show a blow off pattern although they’re due for a good correction.

Nasd/Bonds Semi-Annual chart..remember this is a very long -term look! Has me wary of picking a low.

There is no rule that says it has to trade the 2000 High without a correction.

The wave counts on the Semi’s should be enough to make one cautious.

I’m looking for the Spu’s to put in a lower low from last night.

Then I’ll re-evaluate.

Below is a copy of our models that you see on top of our daily reports.

We went neutral 2/31/18

Below’s post is from 2/5/18

Neutral DJI
Neutral Spu’s
Neutral Nasd 100
Neutral DAX & Nikkei
Negative Bond Markets sell big rallies
Risk Spreads are Neutral DJI, Nasd & SPU.

Going short term Negative! Sell Mid-Week Shuffle highs. Long-term Bullish Indices…going Neutral over near term Tactical event trading.

Clients were given a heads up to buy Puts if they wished to remain long individual Equities January 30th 2018.

Why are you getting your news after the fact?

Why are you listening to the cheerleaders on mainstream Financial news run your portfolio?

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