Holy Grail

With so many individuals on lock down around the world everyone is looking for the Holy Grail for investing.

A Passport to Poverty.

Warning signs;

1) Those selling the indicator trap. Virtually all Indicators are free on every commercial execution platform out there.

The purveyors of poverty will promote classes for these free indicators.

Most often this is coupled with a very short-term trigger that enriches the Exchanges, Clearing Firms, or those flogging the strategy.

You lose/ algos win!

Green light / Red light trading.

This falls into the category of they win / you lose, leaving you with no useful Critical Thinking Skills.

2) Mainstream and social media pumps out “look at me” headlines. The bulk of these soundbites falls into the useless information category. This does nothing but distract you from what is happening in the Financial markets.

To become a successful investor or trader requires Discipline, Dedication and Work Ethic. 

Many have found me too late while searching for the Holy Grail. The single methodology that will make them rich.

They started with high hopes listening to an effective sales pitch and a big pile of cash.

Now they have little money and broken dreams.

The journey is about how you can achieve a level of understanding to best enhance your skillset, lifestyle and personality.

Trading is not a One Size Fits All Proposition.

Judd’s Room members encompass the gamut of the trading and investing world.

The beauty of the room is the successful mix of disciplines.

Members are garnering information from various reliable sources and then sharing those names or ideas to make sound decisions.

Members include:

Extremely Active Daytraders who are adept at picking out smaller moves.

We cover 1-2 high probability opportunities a day with capital flow analysis.

Swing traders who only make one or two trades a day. Typically this subset does not trade unless they see at least the possibility of making 20 Index points by risking 2-3.

The process is the same as the short-term trader. Swing trading requires us to expand our time horizon, reviewing our longer term indicators for timing and targets.

This group is highly disciplined. If they do not get the risk profile they like they do not trade.

Successful Options Traders deploying both long and short term strategies.
Everyday we look at an array of liquid names & ETF’s to match up with our thematic view.

Executives from Fortune 100 Companies; they have day jobs and utilize our matrix work and long term modeling to invest.

Their time horizon is significantly different than the first two groups.

RIA’s invest for a trend. This is the Wayne Gretzky crowd.

They are looking for where the puck is going to go. Then they articulate a low risk strategy for a given scenario.

For the most part these RIA’s stay within the discipline and only initiate trades near a Matrix level.

My proprietary MATRIX SPREADSHEET is the guideline for making both short and long-term investment decisions across all asset classes worldwide.

We have learned over the decades that markets are not random.

Multiple times per year individual names, sectors, currencies, bonds and commodities line up at major inflection points on the Matrix spreadsheet.

WhiteWave is adept at identifying and making our clients aware of these inflection points so they can act accordingly.

To that end we have recurring guest, Yra Harris https://yragharris.com/, who challenges our perceptions of Global Macro reality.

These sessions welcome any sentient idea. The group then discusses the thesis presented looking for flaws in the thought process, after which we search for low risk investments.

The process emulates the morning investment meetings used by Hedge Funds and Proprietary Trading Operations for decades.

Experience WhiteWave Research via Judd’s room.

Simply click on the link to the site and put in your name and a valid e-mail address.

Listen below to see and hear how we implement the Matrix work.

Judd Hirschberg – Tutorial on Trading

Written by The Roundtable Insight on 26 May 2020 01:08 PM


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