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A.M. Look 4/7/21

Hot off the press podcast courtesy of Financial Repression Authority https://youtu.be/_JissLBlBE8 Crypto is in correction mode with the rest of the board stuck. 30 yr. Bonds and the Euro are into inflection levels. Gold hit it late yesterday and again … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/31/21

Qtr End. Industrial use metals are gaining on Gold. Richard had me look at Platinum/Gold last week in the FRA podcast. I should’ve listened to myself! 30 yr. Yields ran into it’s 200 WMA early yesterday and stopped. Yields are … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/26/21

Daily Market Intelligence 3:26:21

Daily Market Intelligence 3/1/21

Daily Market Intelligence 3:1:21

A.M. Look 2/26/21

Keep your trading hats on. Crypto & Cattle expiration Spoo’s retested the top of its gap and its corresponding 50 DMA and bounced. Two round trips so far since Asian opened. Spoo/Bond is at risk on the weekly chart. DAX/Bund … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/8/21

Hot off the press! I just finished. Awesome. Great minds! https://youtu.be/GQXLPNEl8zc In two days Gold has filled out its 100X3 GoldinEuro is at a must hold level. Gold/Bitcoin is just starting the swing in which Bitcoin has already completed its … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/8/20

It shouldn’t be a stretch to trade 3416.75 in the Spoo during the U.S. Pit Session. FCX…currently shows bid above 17. I’ve had a 21 target on this name. Commodities are in play. Articles are appearing about Food inflation in … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/11/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-11-20

Daily Market Intelligence 8/17/20

Daily Market Intelligence 8-17-20

A.M. Look 7/23/20

Richard Bonugli has kindly given us a sneak peak at Yra’s Podcast with Rick Rule. https://youtu.be/PZh5Jfg3Hv4 Silver has stretched RSI’s (90%) on daily FX spreads, Gold/Silver and straight Silver. You’re being the Metals trying to work that hot overbought indicator … Continue reading