Daily Market Intelligence 2/17/22

Things were constructive until the very end when Iran news hit the Oil Market.

March crude still has more volume although many front ads will roll to April tomorrow.
(J) is trading @ a $2 discount to March.

It wrinkles me that this administration would cut a deal for more oil with that regime!

UNH & HUM are the two names in healthcare to watch in the A.M.

The railroads were all bid with  CP the star performer.

Metals shown all day.

Friday starting around the NYSE opening Yra Harris and Andrew Perry will host John Dizard.

Financial Repression Authority Richard Bonugli will moderate the discussion.

This is sentient conversation @ its best!

I urge all members to attend.

This conversation will be recorded.

If you have someone that would like to attend you can share your link with them Friday morning or
you can send me their e-mail and I will send the invite.

Just make sure they know its coming from Whitewavetradingstrategies@gmail.com.

Once we start they will have to wait for the recording.

FED governors will be front running their portfolio day!

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