A.M. Look 9/19/19

I can’t help myself.

In today’s episode of those blackballed by Moe, Curly & Larry ( that’s the 3 Stooges for you generation ally challenged) from gaining membership in their Liars Club, Boris Johnson secures his credentials right behind blackballed member #1. You guessed it, Our own Fearless Leader Donald Trump.

Enough levity.

European Bank Futures have been languishing for a couple of years.
This has been a theme of Yra’s over the past couple of months.

The futures want to remain strong into qtr end.

As with everything else the game is afoot the first week in October.

Indices; the low seems better than yesterday’s high.

Yesterday ( Wednesday) was just another Mid-Week Shuffle to heed rule #1.
Chase closing direction on a Wednesday is a low probability trade.

Big Picture, I’m not interested in anything that happens over the next week.

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