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A.M. Look 12/9/20

Mid-Week Shuffle with small and mid-cap leading. Spoo…3675 print will be needed for pressure release on the 50X3 3677.50 is the bottom of value on the 25X3. Gold…1840 print is needed to confirm yesterday’s high on the 100X3

A.M. Look 10/14/20

Mid-Week Shuffle You know the drill Spoo’s currently stuck between 3490 & 3516 on the short term Point & Figure. Goldman earnings were good. The stock is still in nowhere land. It will take a few days over 219 to … Continue reading

A.M. Look 9/16/20

It’s money for nothing day. Mid-Week Shuffle in a Bull equity market with an FOMC kicker. Wednesday rules apply. SNOW is a much anticipated IPO. Nasd 100 has retested it’s weekly breakdown level. The spread will need to maintain above … Continue reading

A.M. Look 9/2/20

FULL MOON TRADING MId-Week Shuffle Wednesday rules apply Targets are on the sheet, targets I generated in 2018. Targets never go away. Ballard Power is one of Yra’s picks. Adam Johnson called me last night to say there was a … Continue reading

A.M Look 8/19/20

Copper has hit potential double top level @ 3.01. Manage your risk. Momenta is up big with the Roche tie up. TGT wins big in lockdown, up 7.5% Mid-Week Shuffle Wednesday Rules Apply

A.M. Look 7/8/20

Mid-Week Shuffle Spoo’s..3125.75 was last weeks close. Sustained and closing price action below is needed for weakness. Gold & Silver…all systems nominal. Platinum and Palladium are approaching their respective 200 DMA’s. Platinum/Euro breaking above its 200 DMA.

A.M. Look 6/24/20

Mid-Week shuffle You’ll get your opportunities from both sides Spoo…the bottom of value on the 50X3 is 3080. 3050 print is needed to roll the 100X3 Nasd 100…10,100 level will be pivotal. Thanks Matrix Class for a terrific 2 hours … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/21/20

Mid-Week Shuffle The Index break went nowhere. It’s all about the weekly closes. The models are up. The value trade will be in Dow names for those looking forward to infrastructure projects down the road. Oil…trust in the work. Precious … Continue reading

A.M. Look 11/13/19

Mid-Week Shuffle with lots to focus on. That focus is on the overall technical model. Is this just another break to nowhere with a rally to follow? So far this is just another normal corrective-contra trend mid-week move. Spoo & Nasd/ … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/30/19

Mid-Week Shuffle It’s time to stop thinking and let price run the show and your trading decisions. There are unfilled pit gaps in the Spoo & Nasd 100. Bulls would like to see these gaps filled and hold. I am … Continue reading