A.M. Look 8/8/19

I’m back early and will open up the room @ 7:15 to go over the maps.

The first takeaway is the Wednesday extremes in the GOLD, 30 Yr. Bonds and Spoo all
matching up @ big macro levels!

The Spoo low matched the earnings gap fill in GOOGL with an ORH bottoming pattern in AAPL.

Those of you who get my sheets, and don’t bother to look at them, need to rethink their trading.
The tools for the major turns are right in front of you.

I’m looking for a lot of back and forth.

In particular I’m watching for a lousy high in the Indices.

This will be another big mid-week shuffle with the jury out into next week.

It’s a traders environment. Treat it as such.

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