A.M. Look 7/6/17

Rule #1..Don’t buy closing strength on a Wednesday.

Yup I violated it!

A potential dollar hickey in the SSO is not career ending.

It’s very early in the Mid-Week shuffle.

Spu..2416 needs to hold and rally.
I need to see recovery in the Indices from current levels after New York comes in to think my thesis correct.
The overnight weakness in the Bonds is matching the Index selloff keeping

the Risk spreads neutral.

Let the stops in FB & NFLX work if you’re involved.

U.S. 10’s / Bunds (German 10’s)..show German rates rising faster than U.S.

Inline image 1

BTP...Italian 10’s are at a critical closing level crossing just below its 200-50 DMA cross

into an unfilled gap from June.

Inline image 2


The above is keeping a small short-term offer to the Dollar as European rates are out pacing the U.S.

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