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Daily Market Intelligence 6/6/19

Daily Market Intelligence 6-6-19

Daily Market Intelligence 2/4/19

Daily Market Intelligence 2-4-19

A.M. Look 11/26/18

Lots of politics on our plate for the week leading into hopeful outcomes from world leaders at G20 Friday. Spanish and Italian debt futures are in rally mode. (Risk On) Oil put in a lower low by a few ticks … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/25/18

Spu’s …so far the bounce was 5 points shy of putting in a reversal. I need to see a close over 2700 for stabilization. Nasd 100 could rally back to its 200 DMA @ 7077 on good AMZN earnings. AMZN…1678 … Continue reading

A.M. Look 8/2/18

Bank of England raised rates. Dollar is stronger across the board. Euro has a pattern which could follow through to the downside Nasd 100 is putting in a flag on the long-term P&F. Indices are into bounce zones. HON…I’ll be … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/11/18

Canadian Dollar has a potential ORH week. This is a bottoming pattern. Italian 10 Yr. yields are lower, bouncing between its mvg averages. Dow and S&P names would be a better place to value shop today as the Nasd 100 … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/7/18

Welcome to the Mid-Week Shuffle. A flag formation is forming on the Spu medium term P&F. It will take new highs from yesterday to change the long-term. Mid Dow Futures are caught between 24,500 daily cloud support and 24,900 near … Continue reading

A.M. Look 12/13/17

RIOT was featured on CNBC last night as a COMPLETE SCAM. The co. was accused of engineering an overpriced buyout of a dubious Blockchain company then issuing debt which was then offloaded to the ECB Bunds & BTP’s are soft … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/16/17

Daily Market Intelligence 10-16-17

A.M. Look 10/13/17

It is shaping up to be another in your face moment for the Index bears. Italian & Spanish Bond Futures have been rallying for a week and continue to do so. Oil held qtrly closing support yesterday. 52.45 is where … Continue reading