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Daily Market Intelligence 5/2/22

We’re experiencing a weekly closing matrix breakdown in Russell & Spoo. Nasd has yet to confirm the next swing lower. Spoo selloff shows a possible bounce level just above 4100 on the 100X3. There is currently two primary Fib swings … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/28/22

Earnings have provided some trading opportunities. I’m in sell the big rally mode. Tomorrow’s after market earnings should be the last hurrah for a sustainable rally to unfold. Facebook resistance is 203.

Daily Market Intelligence 3/8/22

Daily Market Intelligence 3:8:22

A.M. Look 2/7/22

Spoo will need under 4450 to breakdown or sustained price action above 4512.50 to rally. 100X3 has been the golden ticket. Channel line now matches up with the qtly pivot! Spoo*Yield negated its risk off pattern. FB …232.92 is the 200 … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/26/21

Daily Market Intelligence 10-26-21

A.M. Look 10/25/21

Don’t fight the flow. Spoo..risk is last night’s low, which matches up with the weekly oscillator. Japan news saw investors avoid the Nikkei and buy Gold, which is above the daily cloud. Energy…follow the yellow brick road. Look for prices … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/25/21

Short and sweet. Markets remain Bullish. FB, GOOGL, AMZN came into interesting must hold levels. Energy is not backing down. Spoo/Bond ran the daily ORL stops only to rebound. Weekly spread will run the show and it is at a … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/5/21

Today we saw a perfect wave of negative news. I would not be looking for a bottom in Facebook until it prints 284.70. Looking for the Indices to do a full matrix to matrix swing before you can safely hold … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/27/21

Daily Market Intelligence 9:27:21

A.M. look 7/27/21

Google, FB, AMZN & AAPL make up 25% of the Spoo. Good luck shorting into earnings. Grains are showing bottoming patterns and buying interest overnight