A.M. Look 5/23/18

Here we are gaping gaps.

Spu’s2700-2703.50 is the lower gap. There will be resting sell stops @ the level since this is also the weekly ORL#.

The long-term P&F will see a reversal with a 2696 print.

Chartists would like to see the lower gap filled in the NYSE session.

I’d like to see the reversal on the long-term P&F with a 2696 print.

Nikkei is trading into support. It is also showing an ORL weekly pattern. This is something to pay attention to.

Italy (EWI) is trading below its 200 DMA.

The FBTP’s got crushed again last night as the Bunds & U.S. Treasuries were bought.

Bund/FPTP elected Qtrly ORH buy stops.
2011 was the last time we saw a similar occurrence.

GOOGL…200 DMA 1042
AMZN…GAP 1529.42 (50 DMA)-1574.80

Spu Pit…

Bund/Italian 10


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