A.M. Look 5/5/21

Mid-Week Shuffle!!!

Spoo has completed and filled out its wiggle back up.
Short-term hurdle area is the Globex high into the low 80″s.

Futures traders should sell another portion into this resistance area and await the NYSE opening.

Oil has come within a whisker of its retest objective.
9:30 CDT inventories.

Tooting my own horn!!!

Trial members; if you were in the room yesterday you should’ve paid for a subscription.

There is no place that has the community with the depth of experience to either teach you or make you money.

If yesterday was not enough to get you to commit nothing will.

Rocket J. Squirrel has free openings @ Whatts a Matta U!

I will be out of office from 10 a.m. CDT to 1 p.m. CDT for an appointment.

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