A.M. Look 5/3/21

We’re seeing the first of month pop in many assets, none more prolific than Etherium up 12+%.

Short term traders might need until the top of the opening hour for the capital flow to set up.

News is focused on inflation.

Buffett & Munger joined the chorus @ their annual Berkshire shareholder day.

Heard on the street; landlords in Chicago area are not putting their rental units back on the market in fear of squatters
refusing to leave their digs.

There are unintended consequences to every good intention, ones which the new administration will have to deal with.

The ones I spoke with want to sell long held properties into early fall to capture gains in this market.

The discussion then moved to what to do with those gains. The few I spoke with saw no value getting back in.

Resort areas like Aspen are seeing ridiculous summer rental prices on top of those with means leasing or buying last year to
put their kids in the local school district.

Things are on the boil.

I’m still looking for my target in the Spoo, making the names and the Indices a do not chase strength.

It’s all about the Algo driven name and sector rotation.

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