A.M. Look 4/23/18

30 yr. Bonds are trading at the levels from the last FOMC meeting.
May 2 is the next meeting. Be patient for rallies.

Risk spreads are firm led by the Bond break, not Equity Strength.

Metals and the Dollar are reacting to interest rate differentials.
Lower Bond Futures = Lower Gold $ Stronger Dollar. Follow the Bonds.

OIL...67.50 is near term support on the P&F. Below there is room for another dollar to start.

Spu’s..rallied to nowhere.

Wait for the U.S. to come into the picture today.
All new weakness under 2660 is needed for lower.

It will be a late day game. Can GOOGL earnings jump the start the board or is it a sell the earnings play?
I think you miss little by not being involved.




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