A.M. Look 3/4/21

Spoo’s finally went to the bottom fo the gap, but the big but is that it was overnight.

We’ve seen this movie before when an instrument trades the gap overnight and then sees a big bounces before actually trading the print during the day session.

Don’t get too wrapped up in seeing the print!
Just trade the price action!

Langer posted a Spoo downside target last week @ 3765. For those not paying attention, it’s the top of the daily cloud.

DJI/Spoo is trading @ its 200 DMA for the third time since 2/25.

Copper/Yuan has relieved its RSI
Pit Copper Gap @ 3.920-3.977

Waiting for Jerome.

I was told some of you wished to review the Cloud Tutorial.


Stan is the bomb baby!

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