A.M. Look 3/4/19

This transmission is from Frostbite Falls!

Indices responded to a China U.S. trade deal moments after the Globex opening.

China names are up.

Spu pit gap is @ 2808.50.

1287 ish in the Gold would be reasonable spot to look for bottoming action and a bounce.
The currency Gold spreads do not look ready to bottom.

I’ll monitor the spreads into mid-week to see if I want to get involved.

I’m Long a few April 22.50 SE Calls. Se is currently down 6%.
I want to see it stabilize over 21.50.

I bought stock along with a couple of calls Friday and sold the stock.

The Long Spy’s will more than make up for it.

APHA was granted a Canadian health License amendment.
Pot Stocks are up.

CRM earnings after the close. Currently looking bid into earnings.

Look for a two way time-frame trade.

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