A.M. Look 3/2/20

If you didn’t read Notes from the Underground last night I strongly suggest you do.


You’ll know exactly the price action I’ll be looking for in this mid-week shuffle.

I started this last night. Has the mid-week shuffle already come and gone?

Spoo’s railed shy of the 200 DMA & 50 WMA.

Euro has regained its 200 DMA as U.S. stock carry trades continue to be unwound.

Yra was conceptually looking for this months ago off the 79 level in EURGBP, which just traded its 50 WMA.

It was the Plaza Accord Fibs that picked up the Euro oversold level.
We’ve been going over those in the room for months.

Keep your track shoes on!

This trading is back to 2000 Nasd when every hour was a good year.

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