A.M. Look 3/18/20

It’s hitting the fan this A.M.!!!

Sovereign Wealth Funds and everyone else are going to the proverbial mattresses.

Masters of the Risk parity Universe are apparently blowing up.

Our emperor has no clothes, nor do the world’s central bankers.

GoldinEuros is sitting on its 200 DMA.

Given these hedgies are all long, treat it as a short term trade.
They will need to raise oodles of cash for redemption.

This is not a time to call a bottom or be a hero.

Ambrose-Pritchard Evans was out with an article this A.M. echoing everything YRA has been saying since this summer!!!!

Fredo wants to curb trading in the U.S.
Right you are! That worked really well after 9/11.

Hope Duffy can hold the line at the CME with open markets.

Spoo traders should not make a trade for under 25 points. %0 would be better or your risk profile will not be making you happy.

Think about it, yesterday there were 4 intra day moves of 90 points.

FYI…ZOOM is so backed up they have not rendered our recording with Yra yesterday.

Jack and I have already put plan B into motion!!!

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