A.M. Look 3/17/20

Spoo’s …up a hundred, down a hundred, up 60.
That was in the past couple of hours.

two years worth of price action in 12 hours.

The only overnight sentient content was a Bloomberg interview with Mervyn King, Former head of the Bank of England.

Euro is unchanged on the Month. Panic buyers of Dollars will not help the FED reduce the pain in EEM countries Dollar borrowers.

Rescue Packages are coming fast worldwide.

We’ll have to wait until later in the morning to see if the Senate Republicans will adopt a “let them eat cake attitude.”

Airline employees were given an unpaid leave of absence.
It’s going to get much worse.

Keep your track shoes on.

98% of what I’m doing is live in the room.

Tune in or turn off the T.V.

RIA’s…you’ll be having your conferences via phone.
Tune in and make some money!

Trade the market and price…. wait for opportunity, you’ll get it.

A shout out to Angello for adjusting my wife’s 401K in January.
Her nest egg is unscathed.

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