A.M. Look 2/23/21

Long Dow/ Short the pretty much everything.

MSFT & AAPL are weak. I’ve been targeting 123 in APPLE.
Now that it’s there, it is a must hold level to avoid a trip t its 20 DMA @ 112

Today is the first day in recent memory that there is not a biotech or Spac up 1-200%.
The biggest winner I se is up a miserly 58%.

Crypto is in a liquidation and consolidation phase.
Etherium just completed it’s equidistant opening range swing to the downside.

TSLA is lower on the year down 40+
MSTR is down big as well.

The vomitorium is out back for CEO’s who tied their stock to Bitcoin.

Gold/Bitcoin has elected its ORH weekly buy stops. Potential Bottom!!

Index Daytraders..Algos are front running Point & Figure charts, something we’ve been discussing for a couple of weeks!

Pay attention to the changing programs and trade accordingly.

There are a lot of moving parts including the reversal in European Debt instruments from yesterday.

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