A.M. Look 1/29/18

Housekeeping…some of you received webinar invitations from Zoom. This was an errant invite set up during the provisioning process.

I am preparing to start live webinars. The webinars will be stored in the cloud and accessible at your convenience.

I’ll write more about this later in the week with the expected start date.

Today FEB Natgas expires.
Bitcoin front month is Feb. January has expired.

Full Moon Trading this week with the time being 8:26 A.M. Wednesday Morning with FOMC in the afternoon.

The long end of the curve is giving it up with the Bunds trading @ their next objective.

I’m not looking for a bounce in the 30 yr. Bond Futures until it gets closer to 145.

Equity traders who are long individual names in their portfolios should consider turning them into calls by buying puts against them if they wish to keep the underlying equity.

It would be normal to see profit taking into Month end after the torrid rally into FOMC.

Currencies are responding to rising rates in the U.S. as one would’ve thought last week.

Correlations remain day to day.

Oil should find sellers against this last high. Here too I’m expecting profit taking.

Every ETF mirrors and is highly correlated with the Spu. They will all have the same pattern. Thank you Blackrock.

Let the U.S. session set up.

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