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Daily Market Intelligence 6/17/22

Daily Market Intelligence 6:17:22

A.M. Look 6/16/22

World Bond vigilantes call Bullshit on the ECB and mega B.S. On Powell! JGB’s jumped 29 bps. Something is afoot with the Yen, although the crosses are into big support. I need to see more. Spoo/Bond does not like its … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 6/9/22

Daily Market Intelligence 6:9:22

Daily Market Intelligence 5/31/22

Daily Market Intelligence 5:31:22

A.M. Look 5/27/22

Spoo probed higher and now shows a double top on the 100X3 @ last nights high. 4037.50 print is needed for a reversal on the 50X3.European Bonds were in really mode last night taking our long end along for the … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/27/22

Not interested in thinking going into next week. U.S, starts a long holiday weekend tomorrow, meaning most people placed their bets today. Next Wednesday will be of interest on the models. Commodities denominated in Yuan and Real are picking up. Crude … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/24/22

Energy seems to be one of the better plays. Natty should trend higher with summer heat and European friends looking to top off reserves for next winter. Spoo’s can stop right in here or go another 50 points. I’ll look … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/17/22

Daily Market Intelligence 5:17:22

A.M. Look 5/4/22

Central bankers week and the winner is Russia! Elvira has managed to overcome sanctions and keep a stable currency. Spoo..have room for a rally to 4264 and Nasd 13,460 ish. I’m bearish but I don’t want that to let that … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/4/22

It’s all about the Bond reaction to the balance sheet and tomorrows Q&A. Does the 30 Yr. Yield breakout of its 40 year trend line or do we see a big short covering rally in the Futures. FX should follow … Continue reading