A.M. Look 11/21/18

he next A.M. look will be published 11/26/18
Judd’s room will be closed 11/22-11/23

Today is GANN DAY. This simply means that you’re looking for market extremes today.

Spu’s would need a 2679 print to confirm the 2632 low for a bigger bounce.
Currently the Indices are showing inside range days from yesterday.

Minimally the Spu’s would need to close higher on the year above 2669 to see black Friday bottom fishing.

Oil...I was hoping to get a shot at a long closer to the 200 WMA today closer to 52.19

It’s going to be thin today as most market participants are already out the door.
It will be just a few hamsters and the Bots.

Goldman revised AAPL target to 182. What a stretch!


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