A.M. Look 11/7/19

I will be out of office from 9:45-1 CDT

Headlines; China stops buying Gold. India Gold imports down 46% going into their wedding season, which is the highest demand time.

EuroinGold and GoldinYuan is falling out of bed with the Long end of the U.S. curve.

Despite that the metals are still hanging in.

I’m still not touching them!Brain Damage!!!
Upgraded OS last night to Catalina .
Big mistake!!!!!!!!!!

All word programs disabled and prompting me to pay for them again.

Spoo’s & Nasd have gaped up on China news.
Not looking for more than a retrace to this weeks highs ( Pit gaps) during the day session.

More sector rotation = less volatility in the Index Futures

Yields rising worldwide. The Five Yr. Note says it all.

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