A.M. Look 11/10/20

Between China increasing its control of its internet companies and Trump acting like himself,
the markets said no.

Do your homework!!!

I got caught up staring at a limited view yesterday and missed the key tell in the Gold.

The relationship charts give you a big edge and the confidence to act.

 Spoo’s filled out the 100X3 overnight. Whether they give you another shot during today’s session remains to be seen.

EUR/CHF ran its Monthly ORH buy stops.

Sterling has the best technical formation for higher.

India ,Singapore and Japan are poked out a long way although they are not really backing off from this recent spurt higher.

Twitter; I saw where Boockvar and Booth mused yesterday that it would be fitting for a market top @ the announcement of a vaccine.

Spoo/Bonds ran the all time high buy stops before closing below the old highs again.
Volatility will remain high.

Making those kinds of statements and trading on them can be hazardous to your bottom line.

Trade the market in front of you.

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