A.M. Look 10/2/20

Welcome to this months episode of Full Moon Trading.
AKA…Stuff happens ” Fractured Fairy Tales”  Bullwinkle J. Moose

I woke up this morning to John Auther’s  Bloomberg Opinion piece.

I read it.

I did not agree with some of his conclusions, then I came to my desk, fired up computers, put on my headphones and blasted the Stones “Sympathy for the Devil”.

Spoo’s, as of yet did not put in the reversal on the 100X3.
Yes, the low was the reversal level which lined up with the 200 Hourly average.

Spoo Pit gap is alive and well. It will be in play early.

Risk spreads went into levels that bounced.

Keep your track shoes on today, it’s the late sentiment that is important.

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