A.M. Look 10/1/20

Board is Risk On with a weakening Dollar to start off the qtr.
Yuan is bid on all crosses.

Expect strength to last into 9 A.M. CDT with first of qtr inflows.
Then we’ll see.

Spoo’s…3393.50 is an inflection level for another big swing.

Spoo/Bond has broken out. There is considerable room to go before it retests its breakdown level from Sept 2, The Last Full Moon!

Nasd/Bond weekly has negated the first week of Sept bar.

Trade the capital flows today.

Yesterday, after the close, Yra surveyed the group to se who was trading interest rates.
Nobody but Angelo was involved with a Steepener 

30 Yr. is probing into the lower end of a 7 month range.
I’ve only watched it in relation to the risk spreads.

Yra sent me this article in the wee hours of the A.M.

Time to clear out the Fog of this administrations twitter feed and mainstream dogma.


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