95.64 USD/CAD…a close over this level in USD/CAD ( under 104.43 futures “CAM”) will put in an outside reversal day.

Gold..a close below 1495 today would put in an outside reversal day to the downside after making new all time highs. This would be a very price negative pattern. Long term investors who have been long the Gold for the past couple of years should use this as a profit “lock-in signal” to take your long exposure off in the precious metals and wait for better trade location.

FYI..DR. Nenner is using a close below this level as a “GO Short” signal.

USD/BRL….Brazilian Real…a close above 157.18 puts in an outside reversal pattern here as well likely matching up well with the Canada.

I am putting out these levels so you can see the major turn signals for the entire market. It’s a risk on risk off world we live in! Europe has just visited the vomitory before the Fed announcement.

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