MCHI…Closing Trade Alert!

I feel like I’ve just stepped up to the pass line at a craps table.

Here is the rub. I like the thesis, however I don’t like the ORL pattern in the SHCOMP

although it’s sitting right on trend momentum (Support)
This could be the stone cold low for another rally or we walk into another 5% lower.
The only effective means of trading China weakness tonight would be to sell Aussie as a hedge. 76.25 in the Aussie is not a great spot to initiate new shorts.
If the pattern holds, we rally into tomorrow through the weekend and retest last night’s breakdown level. This is what I think is going to happen.

This would give us an opportunity to cut our losses.

​Heads I lose…Tails I lose less.​
I feel like I’m in a Dirty Harry remake…”you gots to believe” to hang onto this instrument.


​T​here is no good way of managing an ETF overnight.


​The risk to stay Long is a gapping down below the 50 DMA @ 59.90 in the A.M. which could lead to the mid 58’s​.
What do you do when you get out of step?
Stop and regroup.

SELL MCHI Market On Close!

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