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Daily Market Intelligence 9/20/19

Daily Market Intelligence 9-20-19

A.M. Look 8/10/18

I was a scaled seller of Long VXX last night from 29.47. The final offer for the last  third was @ 29.87. I was not filled. VIX hit resistance as the Risk Spreads traded into their respective 21 DMA’s. Oil … Continue reading

VXX…Trade Alert!

Sell 1/2 Long VXX position @ the market!!!! Time to lock in some money! Cancel The order below!!! Sell 1/2 position Long VXX @ 36.72 OCO 39.10 ​ Make sure you cancel the upper OCO so you don’t get double … Continue reading

Midday Missive…W/VXX Stop adjustment

They tried the Spu’s down and held 2174 which needs to be penetrated on the short term maps for any downside. Spu’s back above 2180 late day will be the catalyst for another short squeeze. The board is a sector … Continue reading

EWZ & TRGP Closing Trades

I’m closing these trades on the close. Sell Both EWZ & TRGP Market On Close. It’s not that i don’t think they could wiggle a little higher, its just that it is August and I’m not looking a gift horse … Continue reading

CAG Update

CAG… ConAgra….the stop is 47.40 not the 97.40 typo on last night’s chart. Every once in a while i pick a stinker. CAG is clearly the smelly end of the dog, with every other Agri name ripping including DE & … Continue reading

AAPL…Trade Alert!

​Cancel this order and Sell 30% of your longs @ the market to pay for the trade. Sell 30% AAPL @ 118.74 ​You’re canceling the above open order and selling 30% of your longs @ the market. You should then … Continue reading

Full Mooon Trading…QQQ Trade Alert!

There is a big bottoming pattern now forming off the 7:30 ECI #’s. Sunday into Monday should prove interesting for pattern follow through. This is a massive capitulation of Long Dollar positions. The potential lows in the Aussie & Kiwi. … Continue reading

MCHI…Closing Trade Alert!

I feel like I’ve just stepped up to the pass line at a craps table. Here is the rub. I like the thesis, however I don’t like the ORL pattern in the SHCOMP although it’s sitting right on trend momentum … Continue reading

MCHI…Trade Alert!

BUY MCHI @ the Market ! This is an opening position with a 10% portfolio weighting. You can choose this ETF or the FXI. I’m reticent of buying strength in the SHCOMP, which has been leading all Indices.