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WhiteWave has a reliable and repeatable investment process developed over a forty-year period to help our clients make money.

The WhiteWave process employs elements of price, volatility, Matrix Levels, risk spreads, among others across multiple durations. We measure and record the data for U.S. stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Oil, Precious Metals, Commodities, and Foreign Stocks & Bonds.

Our Matrix targets, coupled with our proprietary risk models assist us in identifying major inflection points.  In 2017, we calculated an upside price target in the S&P 500 at 2965.  After benefitting from this one year tactical long, we virtually achieved our target at 2945 in October 2018. At this time other parts of our process suggested this was the end and enabled clients to exit long positions.  Some clients put on tactical short positions.  Throughout the remainder of that fourth quarter the S&P 500 declined 521 points.  After identifying a high probability entry point, clients were able to go long throughout 2019.

Then, a similar set up presented itself in 2020.  In 2018 our calculated target was 3400. The high was achieved in February at 3397.50.  Combined with COVID related events the S&P declined 1,223 points.

The point of these illustrations is to emphasize that our investment process is designed to help us make high probability investment decisions.  Another way think about it is improving your trade location.  Another timely display of our work is the price target of 3572.75 generated in 2018.  On Sept. 2nd 2020, this target was breached by 14 points before breaking 240 points.  This trade is still in play as of the date of this writing.

To recap, the focus of Judd’s Room is to help you learn to read the board and see the big picture.  We believe our format is the cleanest, clearest way to process and act upon information without all of the noise.  Our focus is always on what is in play and what is working.
With this information in hand you’ll be better able to translate that picture into an actionable trade.  The daily forum of Judd’s Room provides a one stop shop for investible ideas with real time risk management.  It doesn’t matter if you are a day trader or a buy & hold RIA.

WhiteWave is unique and fortunate to have so many successful Investors and Traders with different styles and trading durations utilizing our work.  What is truly unique is the way all of these different styles collaborate in Judd’s Room each day.  This community supports one another in growing our skills and discussing the pros and cons of investible ideas across all asset classes.

We are also privileged to have our longtime friend and widely known global macro strategist, Yra Harris frequent Judd’s Room to discuss emerging trends and ideas.  He then helps us break down those themes into investible ideas.

The secret sauce of our work is the Matrix Numbers which are calculated quarterly:  these Matrix Numbers help us understand what the market is doing and how it’s likely to do it.  It’s our North Star, if you will.  The trading assistance these numbers provide is invaluable.

Recent Near Term Trading Activity

When all those around us are losing their heads as well as their hard-earned money, Judd’s Room members are prospering.

The options crowd cashed in on the August rally in Tesla, Amazon, Apple, and Nvidia to name just a few via weekly calls.

All long positions were closed before the close 9-2-2020.  Many in the Room took the low risk Wednesday contra-trend trade.

Not only did the Room catch the down on Thursday, but many pressed again Friday after Payrolls for more.

One of our Futures traders, a very late riser on Friday, missed the down but bought twice in the 3350’s capturing 115 S&P points trading from the long side.

His confidence in the buy side prompted the Options crowd to ride his coattails in big cap tech.

Smiles were had by all

All my best,

Chief Market Strategist

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