Daily Market Intelligence 1/4/22

Yield curve drove the early trade keeping risk spreads positive.

The steepening long end provided an opportunity in the Spoo’s to buy a break.

30-5 yield has an ORH day.

30 yr. yield is shy of its 200 DMA with the TLT trading below its for the first time since October.

Don’t chase!!

As long as Spoo maintain price over today’s low , I see no downside developing.

4787.50 print turn the 50X3 up.

30 yr. Bonds are back to the top of the monthly cloud.

I’ve been consistent in the timing looking at the cloud structure.

You can see the cloud getting skinnier, which makes it easier for Bond vigilantes to win.

Timing is getting closer.

Wednesday’s minutes could provide some insight.

FX just unwound Fridays pice action.

Grains are mixed vs different currencies. There will be more clarity in 2 weeks.

EOG is one of the best looking names in energy

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