A.M. look 8/5/20

I caught up with Adam Johnson after the close yesterday.

He discussed P.E. as I listened.

Bottom line, the fishing is going to be good for that elusive 2500 Lb Marlin.

LVGO is a name he started to pare because it’s been a huge winner.
He bought back a piece yesterday and was surprised by the one day pop.

He’ll be ecstatic this A.M. up another 14%.

AMD…this was the high volume equity trade overnight.

Upland (UPLD) is reporting. This is another Adam pick. Look at the weekly calls.

Check your bloody sheets!!!

Instruments are moving from one level to the next.

Copper is showing a potential ORH week. It’s been the bastard on the crosses. I would not be short it. This could finally get off its rear.

J…Jacobs engineering breakout says it all.

Aussie is coming into weekly & Monthly mvg avg resistance

New sheets will come out later in the day.

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