A.M. Look 6/28/24

It’s qtr end and after last night’s debate it would seem that is the bell tolling for freedom in America

It was indeed a dark day for America and media coverage in general.

Trump was himself. Biden should fire his entire staff and hire a group of comedians to teach him how to rebut Trumps lies with one liners, not stats.

Annie get your guns. The battle lines between Trump and his Billionaire buddies saying he will be good for the republic is nonsense.

Greed, lies and power won the night.

We will be going back to the Middle Ages and the days of the inquisition.

Traders will cheer the coming opportunities. There will be many!!!!!

To my overseas clients, prepare for a very dark world. if I’m representative of the middle I will likely just turn off the T.V. and media sources in general and the Right will have their day.

Prison stocks and gun manufacturers should do well. Gold will continue to be a buy on hard breaks.

Golden passports, for those that can attain them will be a must have.

I will reiterate my call for the end of the Equity rally going into the first week of the 4th qtr.

Price and timing are the only thing that matter in trading.

I have not generated higher targets in the Indices. The levels are on the sheet.

New matrix level will be published one the weekend.

Today the its all about the closes and qtr end markings.

Monday is a positive capital flow day so no hero trading today.

Keep it in your pants, something the future liar in chief can’t.

There is a rebalance in the Russell with PCE # that a will drive the Bonds.

Rate cuts, I think, are a fantasy given the published Trump agenda.

Gold held yesterday and is now gaining on the 30 Yr. and all FX crosses. next week the mid-week shuffle will be important for directional bias going into summer.

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