A.M. look 7/1/24

Spoo’s are currently caught, stoping last night at the 50 Period in the middle of the 240 min. cloud.

Question is will Spoo come down to the qtly pivot like Nasd or not.

Cash Spoo put in an ORL Friday. It will take sustained and closing price action above 5490 to negate the pattern.

Nasd will need above 20K for strength.

Bonds are the wild card. 30 yr. needs a 117.00 print for this not to be a low for a retest higher.

EUR/CHF is into resistance. CHF/JPY into must hold support. GCE*USDCHF will need to sustain a little higher to get going.

Oil has room for another $2

It’s mutual fund Monday. Expect some positive flows early. Risk spreads are positive at new all time highs.

Trade the flows.

Late Friday we had another one of those sessions that are so valuable for your knowledge base.

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