A.M. look 6/18/24

Indices are over baked with Nasdaq Hitting a key level of contention.

The bulk of this weeks rally is the premium in the spreads.

Copper lost momentum as did the other metals against the Yuan 2 weeks ago.

Bitcoin below 64,785 weekly close leaves room for a move to 56K.

Oil rolled to August (Q) trading app 50. cent discount to July.

Soybeans are getting close to a buy after completing its swing count to the downside.

I’m looking for the Dollar to strengthen against the Swiss & Euro which could provide an interesting opportunity to leg against the Yen.

Gold barely held the bottom of its P&F range. 2320 print puts in another downside reversal opening the way to either side of 2300 and cloud support.

There will be no written research tomorrow. The next written work will be Thursday afternoon.

FYI..I will reopening the room very early Thursday. I will return early after noon.

Judd’s room will be open for those hamsters who are trading Futures Wednesday. Noon closing.

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