Daily Market Intelligence 6/21/24

Full Moon Trading.

From yesterday’s chart package you should’ve been able to see that it’s Taiwan or U.S. ( Nasd 100)

Both matched up this A.M. for a descent pullback.

So far spot has given me 50% of what I was looking for.

Nasd rejected its target and retraced. Look at your sheet!

The rest of the world is not worth looking at and it’s definitely not worth the investment.

Follow the money and follow the flow.

Mexican Peso is stabilizing and rallying against the Yuan.

Everyone has been Dollar bashing on the press.

Looking at the Yen and Yuan, I could see both of them weakening together.

Tomorrow Judd’s Room will be closed for the Qtrly Matrix class.

Stan will be in charge next week as it’s vacation time after 5 years of lock down.

New qtly levels will be published the first week of July.

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