A.M. Look 6/12/20

Congrats to Jeffe and the team for being on this rebound setup.

Spoo will take a print into the high 80’s for a reversal on the 100X3.
That is what is needed to confirm yesterday’s low.

If not it’s just a bear trap matching the work for a rip your face off bounce.

AAPL matched up the Spoo’s. 335 was given early in the day as a target.
344 was support and the downside pivot. We’re nearing 344.

Hi Judd,

Your methodology and levels are amazing and works great. After joining your services in March and getting your levels, I was up significantly. I got ahead of myself in this week especially today and blew up big.

Want to take a break for a few months, assess and then start trading.

Cheers and good wishes to you!

I get out of step from time to time. We all do!!!

You’ve friends in this room who will help.

I will help!

I just have to know!
You only need to speak up and ask.

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