A.M. Look 4/9/19

Markets are grinding at this level.

I’ve attached two S&P Point & Figures to help you visualize where we’re at.

First; the 25X3 has not had a reversal in 100 Points.
Sure, it would it be great to get one. The upside would be easier to trade.

The 100X3 went 600 points in a straight line with 1 4 day 100 point break.

Keep selling!!!!!
Stay in a 5 second chart and tell me I’m missing something!

Hey perma bear, you myopic genius, can you tell me what the opening range was in the Spoo.

Hell no! An historical chart is beyond your comprehension!

Heading up your own division of dumb & dumber trading?

There are times when you can get away with being short and making a lot of money.

Learn to recognize those setups and you’ll become a great trader.



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