A.M. Look 3/1/18

Full Moon Trading

Yeah, I know I sound like a lunatic.
The all time high in the Indices last month was on the Full Moon
with a solar eclipse.

Dismiss what you may , but pay attention.

Powell speaks @ 10:00 EST.

I would expect it to be market moving.

FT…front page….

Overdue US credit card debt hits 7-year high at $11.9bn
Mortgage problems add to signs of hardship despite strong economy and tax cuts

March Bonds are trading over 145, now trading over its mvg averages.

TLT looks like it will trade closer to 120.

I have no interest in getting involved with the Bonds until late month.

Indices and Oil have come down a little farther than I’d expected.

Look for another 2-way trade.

AAPL ..technically this should retrace. Cramer said buy so the rest of us should do the polar opposite and sell.

Not every instrument will trade with the Indices.
Do your homework or ask.

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