A.M. Look 3/7/19

RBOB gasoline has poked up above its 200 DMA
On Venezuela & Iran sanctions.

Spu’s…the levels are straightforward.
Resistance is 2784 per 25X3 then 2794

It would take closes over 2794 to turn up per 50X3 P&F

2752 is the first bounce level.

Closing below will have me targeting 2670’s.

I got a little out of step yesterday.

I will be tidying up my residual positions and starting over.

Index volume is still in March.

FYI I prematurely turned my Models expecting a second close over the
respective 200 DMA’s in the risk spreads.

I’m neutral with an opportunistic eye.

Closing under 2775 tomorrow in the Spu’s will put me in a sell every rally mode.

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