A.M. Look 12/23/20

It’s time to lay off your mouse and give your index finger a break.

Relax and reflect on the task ahead, which is having another banner year in 2021.

I’m bullish and the Russell is leading.

Spoo…headline break to nowhere. 3650 print is needed for any back and fill.

Holiday schedule:

There will be no further DMI’s or A.M. Looks this week or next.

Time to do a lot of digging and take a deeper look at longer term trends.

Comments will be made live in the room.

An oral DMI will be done daily @ 2:15 CDT for next day trade.
This will be a good time for RIA’s to attend and ask questions.

Judd’s Room will be open daily.
An oral A.M. Look will be @ 8:15 CDT daily.

Over the next week investors, pundits and know-nothings will put out their hit list for next year.

There are always a few really good ideas.

December 2018 ROKU was everyone’s consensus hot pick.
It opened January 2019 @ 29.82.

Thanks everyone for a fun and informative class!
Videos will be rendered today and should be available to all no later than tomorrow.

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