A.M. Look 11/11/19

Full Moon Trading

Tomorrow is the Full Moon.

Every nincompoop on the planet is calling for market top.
They’ve all been trading from the short side.

There is nothing technically that would support that thesis.
There is no math that supports this is the high!!!

Turn off the ” I’ve got another number society”

Spoo…3043-50.50 is the 50X3 reversal area and the level to look for another buying opportunity.

Italian Bonds have been sold vs the buying of U.S. Debt.

The room will be shutting down by 11:00 A.M. CDT.
There will be no further research until I return.

11/13/19 A.M. Look will be the next publication

DMI will be published 11/14/19 for trade date 11/15/19

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