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Daily Market Intelligence 7/29/20

Daily Market Intelligence 7-29-20

Daily Market Intelligence 7/28/20

Daily Market Intelligence 7-28-20

Midday Missive

Russell led the early show. Spoo/Russell breaking out above its Fibs has kept the board in Risk On Mode. Semi’s; NXPI & AMD Oil…held after Inventories, look to the names. Gold Miners had nice pattern follow through into cloud resistance. … Continue reading

A.M. Look 8/12/19

Hong Kong news has riled overseas markets. ROKU & AMD have received meaningful price upgrades. Yen has seen significant safety inflows. 104.43 is the 200 Month Mvg Avg. There has not been a monthly close under this level for the … Continue reading

Midday Missive

MSFT…has another 5 dollars AAPL…bought all A.M. via calls. very close to a weekly cloud breakout. MMM…looks to be today’s value trade. AMD..call buyers bought time @ the 45 Dollar strike. 39 is achievable in short order. Spoo are headed … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Bitcoin is toast. Indices are resislient. AMD has been bought for the past three sessions. I have a bid @ 22.14 for RSX @ the gap. COST,HD MCD,WMT et al. Dow is leading with the Dollar weakness as multinationals are … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/9/19

Daily Market Intelligence 5-9-19

Midday Missive

CVS put in a nice low. IBB ran the monthly ORL sell stops and reversed. Bullish EXEL put in a tradable low. Chips were bought early. I bought AMD May 28 Calls ..currently flat the calls Gold rolled over leaving … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/2/19

Daily Market Intelligence 5-2-19

Daily Market Intelligence 5/1/19

Daily Market Intelligence 5-1-19