November Update


As is typical with market corrections, they seemingly come out of nowhere catching most investors off-guard. This most recent correction which began early October was no exception. However, clients of WhiteWave were forewarned with enough time to prepare. Why? Because WhiteWave has a reliable and repeatable process developed over a forty year period.

Most recently, our proprietary Risk Models were able to identify the risks forming in January and again  @ the beginning of October suggesting a very high probability of an increase in volatility. This gave WhiteWave clients sufficient time to take defensive measures to protect their portfolios depending upon their trading style. Our clientele consists of Retail Investors, RIA’s, and Hedge Funds; each with a different approach. Some trimmed long positions, others bought Put options while others used Inverse ETFs as a hedge. Regardless of their approach they were prepared and profited from our process.

The WhiteWave process employs elements of price, volatility, Matrix Levels, risk spreads, among others, across multiple duration. We measure and record the data for U.S. stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Oil, Gold Commodities, and Foreign Stocks & Bonds.

Our models enable us to distinguish between a market correction vs. a bear market. Throughout 2017 when many continually called for a market top, our models kept long-only and RIA clients invested through January 2018. At which point our models detected rising risks as described above. Our models signaled the same breakdown the first week of October. For active traders our intraday alerts provide trading levels for day-traders and those wishing to trade counter-trend moves.


The October 2018 volatility lasted through November.

Oct 4th we went intermediate-term Bearish Equity Indices.

November 26 we went intermediate-term Bullish Equity Indices following a Black Friday low. A three day 100 Point S&P trade ensued.

We are currently looking for bigger returns in individual names versus the Indices after the torrid standard deviation three day rally.

World central bankers have their respective Bond markets basically unchanged for the past qtr. forcing investors to seek out equity returns.

The Dollar is attempting to turn direction after being bid all year. We are waiting for further confirmation. This can turn into an important catalyst next month into the 2019.

Risk Models identified the bounce. We are waiting for confirmation of a bigger trade.

Oil is oversold. We’re looking for 54.40 initial target.
PSX,OXY & EOG are names we’ve featured.
XLE is the ETF identified this week as a low risk Long for a bounce.

Healthcare has bottomed. JNJ & UNH are our favorite names.
XLV is the ETF identified this week as a low risk Long

No system is perfect, but our process is reliable and repeatable with models designed to improve the probability of success. Whether you are a day trader or long term investor, we can help you stay ahead of consensus.

This is the second 300 point correction we’ve telegraphed this year after our published upside price target for the S&P 500 @ 2965 was missed by a mere 20 Points in late September.

WhiteWave keeps you executing timely trades through the use of proper trade location.

WhiteWave November 2018 Update for Long-Term Investors /RIA’s

We went Bullish all Equity Indices on Monday 11/26 for a trade into year end.

Risk models still need more time to repair the price damage from this sell off and signal something more than a trad able rally.

We are currently a buyer of weakness in select names

WhiteWave November 2018 Update for Short-Term Investors

November focus

Spy, Pot Stocks, WTW, YRCW MU, XLE AAPL, XLV

11/1 Long AMD Z18 19 Call @ $1.78
Sold  AMD Z18 19 Call @ $2.46

11/2 Long Spy 272/267 Put spread @ 1.06 sold @ $2.00 late day
that captured a 50 point S&P break. Index traders raked it in.

11/5 Long WTW @ 48.70 stopped out @ 48.72 would not go.
Long YRCW 11-16 6 Calls @ .52 cents

11/6 Sold YRCW 11-16 6 Calls @ .72 cents average
Sold CRON Dec 8 Call @ 1.90..these were bought in Oct @ 1.25

11/7 Long NBEV @ 4.47 doubled position
        Sold  NBEV 75% @ 5.17

11/8 Long MU 11-9 41.50 Call @ .34
Sold  MU 11-9 41.50 Call @ .26

11/9 liquidated positions for small losers that were not working.

11/16 Long FLR @ 46.06
Sold  FLR @ 45.48 too soon for infrastructure. Broke to 40.

11/19 Long VXX @ 35.37
Sold  VXX @ 35.77

11/20 Long XLK @ 64.71
Sold  VXX @ 64.90

11/20 AMZN hit our downside target @ 1420 Along with the Nasd 100 Futures
This is when we started to watch for the rest of the world to find footing.

11/26..members were long Indices

11/28 Long AAPL @ 175.01
Sold  AAPL @ 177.65 way too soon.

11/29 Long XLE Dec 65 Call @ 2.61
Long XLV @ 94.07

WhiteWave keeps you executing timely trades through the use of proper trade location.

New Feature

Daily Chat Room

A live forum for Investors and Traders where we discuss current capital flows, instruments by request, and charts.

We feature 1-2 low risk opportunities a day.

Q4 2017-Q1 2018  Chronology of trades

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May Fan Mail;

Hey Judd thanks for the heads up!
I exited my growth exposure the last week of September on the highs.

Great Great call on QQQ Longs 10/15!!!
Thanks for getting me out of the QQQ @ the high on 10/16.
Great Trade! 300 point Nasd 100 winner!

Keep your feedback coming.
We are open to comments as we continually strive to make our product better.

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