June WhiteWave Update

June saw our risk models remain positive.

We expect to see our major long-term target reached this month in the S&P 500 that was generated in 2019.Nasd 100 has traded our upside target twice since February.

Both instances provided substantial trading opportunities.

Targets will be updated at the end of the qtr. for current matrix subscribers.

No system is perfect, but our process is reliable and repeatable with models designed to improve the probability of success. Whether you are a day trader or long term investor, we can help you stay ahead of consensus.

Price targets have been published and are available with a Matrix subscription.


As is typical with market corrections, they seemingly come out of nowhere catching most investors off-guard. This most recent severe correction which began at the end of February 2020 was the mirror image of fourth quarter 2018 correction.  However, clients of WhiteWave were forewarned with enough time to prepare. Why? Because WhiteWave has a reliable and repeatable process developed over a forty year period.

Most recently, our proprietary Risk Models were able to identify the risks forming in January 2018 suggesting a very high probability of an increase in volatility. This gave WhiteWave clients sufficient time to take defensive measures to protect their portfolios depending upon their trading style. Our clientele consists of Retail Investors, RIA’s, and Hedge Funds; each with a different approach. Some trimmed long positions, others bought Put options while others used Inverse ETFs as a hedge. Regardless of their approach they were prepared and profited from our process.

The WhiteWave process employs elements of price, volatility, Matrix Levels, risk spreads, among others, across multiple duration. We measure and record the data for U.S. stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Oil, Gold Commodities, and Foreign Stocks & Bonds.

Our models enable us to distinguish between a market correction vs. a bear market. Throughout 2017 when many continually called for a market top, our models kept long-only and RIA clients invested through January 2018. At which point our models detected rising risks as described above. For active traders our intraday alerts provide trading levels for day-traders and those wishing to trade counter-trend moves.

WhiteWave June Update for Long-Term Investors /RIA’s

We went defensive mid May for a 200 point S&P break, after which we reloaded on risk

Our RIA’s have been methodically adding energy, Financials and reopening names.
Yra Harris has been on a strengthening Yuan= strong commodities for the past qtr.

5/20/21 What to make of the recent volatility and how to trade it hosted by Adam Johnson of Bullseybrief.com

The above podcast reveals our process and how our community responded to this last bout of volatility.

Investing will remain a selective opportunistic trading affair.

You can access Whitewave’s Youtube channel and listen to Yra discuss
the Global Macro Fundamentals while I present the technical triggers.

These are real time conversations where our RIA community has outperformed the industry.

The RIA’s in this room said that their propositioning for first of year capital flows have yielded outsized returns.

WhiteWave March Update for Short-Term Investors

We’ve been focused on buying breaks in Gold vs. Crypto and FX pairs since May 14.I fully expect to see our 2019 S&P 500 target to be hit in the next two weeks.

Homework and preparation are key to successful investing.

WhiteWave utilizes a Technical Template for Long-Term Investing. Boundaries with a high degree of certainty.

This same template is scalable for short-term trading revealing high probability opportunities multiple times a day.

WhiteWave keeps you executing timely trades from the right side of the market with measured risk parameters.

New Feature

Daily Chat Room

A live forum for Investors and Traders where we discuss current capital flows, instruments by request, and charts.

We feature 1-2 low risk opportunities a day.

If you’d like to learn more you can click on the research link to our site or just call.

Click on the link to learn more or get back on our mailing list.


January Fan Mail:


I’ve had a very good year this month!




Your service and the layers of insight that come from you and the group are truly invaluable. As an advisor with a more long-term focus, at first I had questioned how this information and data would really benefit my practice. It did not take long to see the value. You called the downside/correction in late 2018 perfectly. As a reminder, I started subscribing in September of that year. I did not completely reap the benefits because I was still new and learning, but I quickly became educated to what you were seeing and the why and how you were making your calls. Fast forward a year and the market has been on a tear. I know my old self would be telling clients to be more cautious and sell off more equities, but I haven’t. They have been reaping the benefits and seeing their equity portfolios continue to grow. This doesn’t even speak to the added value of the group in the room. The insights provided there is extraordinary. Thank you!

All the Best,

David L. Zinck


Thanks again for your great pick on the Spy Puts
Much better trade for me.
I don’t get caught up and emotional versus shorting.

Easier to tolerate the volatility.
Great to have your expertise.

Regards Merv

Thanks to your Daily Market Intelligence reports I am becoming much better trader. There is no BS there! Just great down to the point analysis. 

Hi Judd,
Thanks for the update.
Please know, I appreciate your spot on reports.


Thanks Judd
I am hanging on every word you write – great call in yesterday’s DMI on the P&F 50 that showed a short term double top.  This stopped me from going long on a trade on Thursday which dropped.


You’ve been smoking hot!


Keep your feedback coming.
We are open to comments as we continually strive to make our product better.

All my best,
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