Judd’s Room Alert

Misplaced Trust

It has come to our attention that a former client has taken it upon themselves to disseminate our matrix work through Twitter to the masses.

Our matrix work has been developed and refined over decades of trading and price action evaluation.  Some would say that to be copied or emulated is said to be the highest form of flattery; however, when the information being copied or emulated is copyrighted material, produced with closely kept and protected trade secret, the dissemination rises to an affront on the copyright and trade secret protections and becomes actionable.

Not only are these actions an ugly reflection upon those engaging in this activity, it diminishes the work as a direct affront to our loyal members who either subscribe to the matrix work or have taken the matrix course.

There are a scant few of you who have this matrix work.  It is your edge in the trading universe and it has proven to be a very big edge for all of us.  This is why we have, and will continue, to protect this information with everything we have.
We developed the matrix work, we refined the matrix work, and we are the only source of the matrix work. ANY other source that is disseminating the matrix work is infringing on copyright and trade secret protections.  Help us protect our trading edge and get the matrix work from its owner and creator.

Your patronage, support, and commitment to the Room is humbling.

All my best,


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