Judd’s Room 4-22-19 Update


                              What is it?Judd’s room is a Q&A session for members, which starts before the New York Stock Exchange opens.

It’s a place for RIA’s, Private Investors, and Daytraders to get a market overview and ask risk management questions about sectors or names they’ve an interest.

The session starts with me highlighting the key market drivers while you’re watching my screens.

You see what I see as I explain the possibilities and the risks involved in specific instruments.

We cover Currencies, Bonds, Commodities & Equities.

The beauty of the room is that you get an unbiased view where trades are articulated for the investor as well as the short-term trader.

1998-2002 I had similar morning meetings with my proprietary trading group.

PAX has recently joined the room conversation. Although he was not a member of my prop group, PAX subscribed to my trading methodology and participated in the morning meetings.

He was wildly successful!

Both short and long time-frame investors can learn to utilize the same successful methodology we’ve developed over decades.

This methodology works for effective low risk day-trading across all asset classes.
This very same methodology is the building block to get into Longer time frame trades.

You get an independent unbiased view from a market veteran with 45 years of experience.

Members trade widely differing strategies and methodologies. This is not a one size fits all room.

The one constant is the real time independent risk analysis. We are not afraid to be wrong nor say we don’t see a particular setup.

This has earned us the respect of our members.

Judd’s Room 2019 4-22 Update for Long-Term Investors/RIA’s

Medium-term view; we remain cautiously Bullish with an eye to sectors or names that have fallen out of favor.

Biotech has given back half of the gains this year. We’ll start monitoring IBB & XLV for opportunity.

Risk spreads are positive. This has us looking for a retest of the all time high in the S&P 500 @ 2944.

This is where the rubber meets the road for another significant move.

There is the potential for a bull trap @ an old target just above the October high.

RIA’s NEED TO BE AWARE OF THE LEVEL. Have a hedging plan for portfolio protection.

Judd’s Room 2019 4-22 Update for Short-Term Investors

Day to day opportunistic trading.
If it’s not working, lose it!

We’re fortunate that Yra Harris drops in from time to time.

It’s a chance remove your head from an execution screen and open up your eyes to the Global macro picture while I highlight the relevant charts.

Yra https://soundcloud.com/canany1trade/paxjuddfeaturingyra harris-episode-3-actionable-global-macro/s-6wyzQ

Fan Mail;

Judd I really enjoy your trading room. I find all your comments to be worthwhile
and demonstrate a deep understanding of how markets work.

I wish I had joined you sooner!

The exposure we receive from just reading does not do your work justice.
I find that you use a totally different terminology and approach that needs time for newbies like me to grasp and appreciate.

For me its all the comments you make in the room to explain and provide depth to the analysis.

I feel I’m at the beginning of the learning curve for what you are presenting. I will
not make many comments but rest assured I am paying close attention to what you are saying.

Keep up the good work and have patience with beginners like me.


It always amazes me that you’ll give a target in an instrument that seems improbable
and then the level is traded.

I’ve learned to trust what I hear. I’ve seen it happen too many times
to still be skeptical.


Hi Judd
A really, really interesting first visit to your room. As you say there is going to be a learning curve to understanding all that is going on.
What is very interesting is all the markets/instruments that you have up such that you are able to see the capital flows and know where the money is going and coming from. Understanding the money flow is going to be my focus.
At a technical level, I am off to understand ‘point and figure’ charts. A format I have long been aware of but never explored.
If I may ask one question: what information/what view do ‘point and figures’ charts give you that you don’t get from other data formats? 
Interesting by its absence in your ‘views’ are DOMs – a tool that is really being pushed in ‘retail trading’ land. The other tools in favour are volume profile and market footprint. I appreciate you’ll have other tools and perhaps these are ones you look at.

Looking forward to joining your room again tomorrow; I am off to do some homework on ‘p&f’.

Thanks for a good day. Your NQ matrix level helped me this morning. 


You’re Classic old man!
Got You beat .
Went for my toddy and lunch, walking 1000 feet to sea fresh met an 84 year old couple working giving there time at the Mariners Museum here in Chanel Island, home of the McNish Classic, you’re a sailor , Me old boater! 
Anyway, came back and Matt is still Talking.
I think he wants to be a Movie star. Me, I want to be a rock star LOL
Have a great week end and thanks for spending time with me, never got that from any one in this industry!


Just want to thank you for allowing me access to the room.
I cant believe you don’t have 200 people in the room, you and your work are incredible.
When I’m able to fund my account properly I would love to get the whole package.
Thx Gary

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