Judd’s Room 10/20

What is it?Judd’s room is a Q&A session for members, which starts before the New York Stock Exchange opens.

It’s a place for RIA’s, Private Investors, and Daytraders to get a market overview and ask risk management questions about sectors or names they’ve an interest.

The session starts with me highlighting the key market drivers while you’re watching my screens.

You see what I see as I explain the possibilities and the risks involved in specific instruments.

We cover Currencies, Bonds, Commodities & Equities

The beauty of the room is that you get an unbiased view.

1998-2002 I had similar morning meetings with my proprietary trading group.

Now you can get the benefit of a 40+ yr. market veteran who’s not afraid to say I don’t know.

Judd’s Room 2018-10-20 Update for Long-Term Investors/RIA’s

10/4 went neutral my risk models and Indices for the second time this year.
The first defensive call was 1/23/18.

S&P broke 300 points

I don’t do it often!

It was a caution signal for long-term investors to take money off the table or tighten up their risk management.

In addition, we recommended buying protection via Long VXX

10/5 LONG VXX @ 27.26
10/10 Sold VXX Market On close just shy of the 35 target.
Judd’s Room 2018-10-1 Update for Short-Term Investors

October focus highlighted mostly defensive opportunistic trades

VXX & Pot Stocks

10/3 Long IGC @ 9.29
Sold  IGC @ 9.67
Long MLCO NOV 16 23 Call @ .83

10/4  Sold MLCO NOV 16 23 Call @ .55
Long Spy Oct 5 Call @ .61

         Sold  Spy Oct 5 Call @ .63.. then they doubled

10/5 Long VXX NOv. 16 Call spread 30X40  @ 1.30
Sold VXX @ 29.70
Bought VXX @ 28.80 for a day trade taking my cost basis to zero.

10/10 VXX closed Market on Close
10/11 Long NBEV @ 5.58
Long MSFT Nov 16 110 Calls @ 2.72
Sold  MSFT Nov 16 110 Calls @ 2.72  took off the next day

10/15 Sold  NBEV @ $7.26 +30%

10/15 went Bullish Nasd 100 for a trade
10/16 told clients to exit longs into NFLX earnings after 1 day 300 point rally.

10/17 Long TLT Nov 2 115 Put @ 1.29 near the close
Did not buy the indices as I thought the Bonds would elect more risk off. It did.

10/18 Sold  TLT Nov 2 115 Put @ 1.81
Long CRON @ 11.04   voiced my concern on this trade. Thought I would get stopped out.

10/19 Sold CRON @ 10.48. Stopped out.
Great Great call on QQQ Longs 10/15!!!

Thanks for getting me out of the QQQ @ the high on 10/16.
Great Trade! 300 point Nasd 100 winner!

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