Daily Market Intelligence 12/17/21

If you’re off chasing your nozzle, that’s your issue!

Over the past few sessions the brain trust has been all over pretty much every asset class.





If you’ve been MIA form the room it’s on you.

The end is near and a massive amount of work has been done in the room.

Of interest; ORL qtly working in retail.

Opening range Gold/ Russell

Will Russell run it’s qtly ORL stops @ 2100?

AAPL, MSFT & TSLA have gaps to fill lower.

If you don’t think this room is of value, listen to Tom Lee tell you to buy everything with a 5 year horizon.

It’s the end of this years game and I’m down to marveling at the length of Tyrion’s pees thinking how I could do that when I was young.

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